We offer a wide assortment of woodfired pizza, sandwiches and more!

GarlichAholic 8
You Betcha-Bruschetta 8

Gimme Smore Pizza 8
Ask about our seasonal fruit dessert pizza!

14in hand-tossed pizza | 10in cauliflower crust available

Meat, Baby! 18
House Red Sauce-Wisconsin Cheese-Sausage-Pepperoni-Canadian Bacon-Burger Crumble

Margherita 18
Parmesan Garlic Base-Fresh Mozzarella-Fresh Diced Tomato-Topped with Fresh Topped Basil

Everything But The Kitchen Sink 18
House Red Sauce-Wisconsin Cheese-Pepperoni-Sausage-Green Peppers-Black Olives-Mushrooms-Diced Onion

Aloha 18
House Red Sauce-Wisconsin Cheese-Fresh Pineapple-Canadian Bacon-Prosciutto-Topped with Teriyaki Drizzle

Veg Out 17
House Red Sauce-Wisconsin Cheese-Green Peppers-Black Olives-Diced Onions-Diced Tomatoes-Fresh Mushrooms

That Settles It (CBR) 18
Ranch-Wisconsin Cheese-Grilled Chicken-Bacon Crumble

Wisco Cowboy 18
Sweet Hickory BBQ-Wisconsin Cheese-Grilled Chicken-Caramelized Onions-Topped with BBQ

Mc Lovin 18
House Mac Sauce-Cheddar Cheese-Burger Crumble-Diced Onions-Topped with Fresh Greens and Mac Sauce

Creamy Tuscan 18
House Alfredo Sauce-Wisconsin Cheese-Grilled Chicken-Fresh Mushrooms-Topped with Fresh Diced Tomato

Parmesan Pesto 18
Creamy Pesto-Wisconsin Cheese-Grilled Chicken-Topped with Fresh Diced Tomatoes and Pesto

Panini Wraps

Served Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11am - 3pm
Includes side of cottage cheese or soup
$8 Each

Soup of the Day is $3 - available all day, every day

Tomato basil wrap, provolone cheese, grilled chicken, bacon bits and tomatoes served with a side of ranch


Featured Sandwich
Ask your server, changes seasonally

Farmer’s Market
Vegetarian. Tomato basil wrap, provolone cheese, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, served with a side of red sauce

Italian Stallion
Tomato basil wrap, provolone cheese, pepperoni, sausage and served with a side of red sauce

Butcher Block
Tomato basil wrap, provolone cheese, turkey, ham, bacon bits and served with a side of bbq sauce